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Divoc Italia

About us

Divoc Italia is an Italian company that produces exclusively in Italy certified professional medical protective devices available today for the first time also for private use. The production plant is

located in Binasco (Mi). We have chosen to enhance the Italian product and industry for this reason our products and our suppliers are 100% Italian. We wanted to differentiate ourselves from low-cost mass production because our Mission is TO PROTECT PEOPLE, so we work every day to create unique protection devices, of superior quality, thanks to a great research activity that allows us to identify innovative, ergonomic and safe solutions.

Currently our price list includes:


1) MACH20 – IIR surgical mask (spray resistant), trilayer of TNT, white, tests conducted by Politecnico di Milano – bacterial filtration capacity (BFE) 99%, which meets the highest standards (market spread 95%), odorless. Sealed packages 5 each in order to prevent any contamination and if necessary, it can also be provided in individual packages.

2) VIPRO20 – protective mask, light, anti-fog treatment, comfortable, suitable for long-term use and adaptable to the exact size of the garment.

3) OCPRO20 – goggles, lightweight, anti-fog treatment, comfortable panoramic view and distortion-free

In these months of activity, our users, including doctors,
Nurses and pharmacists already recognize much higher quality than the current market. For surgical masks, among the most famous qualities for us, we highlight the unique comfort due to size, our three-layered non-woven materials, flexible soft cotton, ventilation, and lack of manic even after long use. All features that make it more fun to use throughout the day. Finally, the advantage of having sealed containers consisting of 5 masks remain protected and uncontaminated.

We have the highest quality/price ratio on the market at the moment and in order to make ourselves known to new customers, we are implementing a very interesting offer policy.

We wanted to distinguish ourselves from low-cost mass production because our mission is to protect people and only through a high-quality product can this goal be achieved.
We believe that using tools as support to protect our health that are less effective, or worse, has undesirable effects because of the use of inappropriate products or processing and storage, they can have very serious consequences for people.

That’s why we strive every day to deliver the highest quality and protect everyone’s well-being. Our business begins to create our products but from that moment on our responsibility to the end user also begins. It’s our responsibility not to it ends with distribution but only at the end of the use cycle. That’s why we can’t and don’t want to give up quality.
Everyone’s health is above all else.

When making a proper assessment of our price list, it is necessary to distinguish between the current available panorama of masks and personal protection products traded on our territory after Covid-19, almost entirely imported, often with incompatible certificates, they are sold because of low quality and abundance, and our entire Italian production meets the highest standards qualitative.
We are a fully made company in Italy that produces and markets its products while giving absolute priority to the Italian market and offering professional products of unique quality.

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