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The Mask

🇮🇹 DIVOC ITALIA 😷 we are on everyone’s lips!
🗣He’s totally Italian!!!🇮🇹
🗣It’s heat-sealed! No glue!!!
🗣t’s so comfortable!!
🗣Despite the three layers, I breathe we!
🗣It’s 99% safe!!!
🗣Protects children, adults and the elderlyi!
➡️Customer service: info@divocitalia.com
✅Toll-free number 800300868

Protect yourself from covid infections.

The mask has become something indispensable that characterizes our days.
Wear masks outdoors and indoors other than private homes
It becomes mandatory as Dpcm states.
We are an Italian company that produces CE-certified IIR surgical masks with Italian TNT cloth, 99% bacterial filtering capacity (BFE)

Our product is made entirely in Italy and our suppliers are all Italian.
MACH20 is our 3-layer professional surgical mask, class IIR.
The three layers of SMS create an effective barrier to the passage of infectious agents from the outside while maintaining air permeability

Divoc Italia!

Two entrepreneurs from Alassio, Giovanni and Andrea Puricelli, created Divoc Italia. It’s a promise of intent among a small group of vigilant entrepreneurs, lovers of innovation and technology. Divoc Italia is one of those companies that produce masks are made in Italy. It was also introduced on TELEVISION during the famous broadcast by Paolo Del Debbio on Rete4

Protect yourself from covid infections.

Divoc Italia has created protection devices designed with great work of research, to identify innovative, comfortable and safe solutions. Whatever the challenge, Divoc Italia is ready to respond with a solution dedicated to protecting health and making people live a peaceful life for as many people as possible. “What moves us – what unites us, what excites us – entrepreneurs explain – are the people: everyday life, stories, actions and all the habits that unite us all in one way or another.”

The company with its beating heart in Milan chooses suppliers that produce only in Italy.. In our view, the best way to maximize control over the materials used and to obtain certain guarantees on quality, compliance with standards and product reliability. The two entrepreneurs from Alassio recall: “Safety devices are perfectly made: safe, light, comfortable and up to date with innovations. We work so that you can wear the best and always offer a high level of service.”

Three-layer masks are produced that create an effective barrier that prevents infectious agents from passing outwards, while maintaining air permeability.

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